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The National Farm Workers Service Center, Inc. (NFWSC), a California non-profit corporation

The mission of NFWSC is to enrich and improve the lives of farm worker and Latino families by meeting their essential human, cultural, and community needs.

Founded in 1966, by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta with the involvement of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and visionary automobile labor leader Walther Reuther, NFWSC was initially conceived to serve the meet the social service and health needs of farm workers across the United States. Meeting these needs would help Chavez and his fellow organizers build something more than a labor union: it would help establish a movement.

Since then, the organization expanded to meet the changing needs of working families and Latino communities and has excelled as a community leader throughout our five-state area - Arizona, California, New Mexico Texas, and Washington – a region which is home to about 60% of the nation’s Latino population. NFWSC also provides services, leadership, and training to other communities across the country.

Today, NFWSC, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, offers working families programs and services that address important community issues, such as affordable housing, public education through our communications network, and the quality of student education.

Affordable Housing: NFWSC builds and renovates multi-family apartment properties and single-family homes to make safe, amenity-rich affordable housing available to families and seniors. More than 4,300 rental units and 300 single-family homes have been developed for low-income residents in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. NFWSC is also dedicated to creating healthy communities. We not only manage the physical properties we develop, we manage the communities, bringing critical amenities and community services to each affordable housing project.

Expanding Communications: NFWSC’s popular Radio Campesina network extends the mission and promise of educational radio to an underserved, largely immigrant population. Through nine radio stations and broadcast licenses, NFWSC reaches more than 500,000 Spanish-speaking listeners everyday. Our unique format mixes popular Mexican regional music with lively interactive talk shows that educate the public. In this way, Radio Campesina helps deliver a wide, diverse audience for news and public education.

Improving Education: NFWSC has a vision of a future in which low-income Latino children in the United States have an equal chance of achieving success in school, graduating from high school, and building careers that advance their families and communities. The Cesar Chavez Education Institute offers concrete solutions to the crisis state of education in the Latino communities we serve. We offer high-quality, leading-edge programs and materials that help children achieve key benchmarks that are the foundations for long-term success in school.

NFWSC also delivers essential educational services at our low-income housing properties. The Si Se Puede Learning Centers offer a distinctive model of out-of-school programming located within the housing development properties, where families are most likely to become and stay involved in a structured educational program.

Providing Community Leadership
NFWSC provides national, state, and local leadership that contributes to shaping public policies and practices regarding the diverse needs of Latinos and farm workers. We work closely with our sister organizations in the movement, including the United Farm Workers, as well as government leaders, school districts, and corporate and nonprofit partners.

Achieving Long-term Sustainable Solutions
Following a legacy of community empowerment established by Cesar Chavez and the farm workers movement, NFWSC seeks efficient solutions to community problems that can be self-sustaining and economically viable in the long term. In this way, NFWSC aims to stand the test of time and ensure the continuity and future expansion of our services.

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