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Serving farm worker, Latino and working families requires fundamental change through sustainable solutions addressing basic human, cultural and community needs. The National Farm Workers Service Center Inc. has done this for more than four decades.

Affordable housing
NFWSC has constructed or rehabilitated more than 3,700 units of quality, and affordable rental housing and built 600 single family homes, filled with amenities in heavily Latino and underserved communities often ignored by traditional builders.

Each community includes critical services, from English language classes, after-school and homework assistance to computer labs and healthy aging programs. NFWSC also provide residents with a decent, clean, safe and well-maintained place to live.

With the growth of the Latino population surging in urban and nontraditional regions, NFWSC is pursuing housing projects in places like San Francisco, Albuquerque, Phoenix and San Antonio as well as Porterville, Calif., Somerton, Ariz. and Pharr, Texas.

Radio Campesina
NFWSC also builds communities through the airwaves with its nine-station network of popular Spanish-language radio stations. Radio Campesina reaches large and loyal audiences in three states with unique interactive formats blending popular Mexican regional music and news and educational programming.

Radio Campesina uses satellite and state-of-the-art digital technology and centralized networking strategy to produce high quality programming and to maximize operating efficiencies. Its top-of-the-hour news broadcasts are serving as a model for Spanish-language radio across the country with plans underway to syndicate the programming to stations throughout the country.
With 450,000 listeners in California, Arizona and Washington State, Radio Campesina enjoys a following that has traditionally eluded Spanish educational radio.

Radio Campesina consistently competes with, and often surpasses, commercial and non-commercial English and Spanish radio.

Key to its unprecedented success is an interactive format combining popular music with interactive public affairs programming, on-air promotions and live broadcasts from local events.

The network is branching out by targeting a younger demographic with a pioneering bilingual radio format featuring a blend of hip hop and R&B music.

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