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Paul F. Chavez, President and Chairman

Since 1991, Paul Chavez has led the National Farm Workers Service Center Inc., an organization his father founded in the 1960s.

Paul, the middle son of Cesar Chavez, has spearhead the impressive growth of NFWSC in key areas, dramatically impacting the lives of farm workers, Latinos and other working families.

Under his leadership, its housing portfolio which started with 245 rental units, has since built and sold more than 600 single-family homes for low-income Latinos and other working families. Additionally, the organization has preserved, developed and rehabilitated more than 2,200 units of high-quality affordable rental housing.
His efforts led to the expansion of Radio Campesina, the Spanish educational Farm Worker Radio Network, from two modest stand alone stations to a nine-station network featuring satellite programming, state-of-the-art digital technology and centralized network operations listened to by roughly 450,000 Latinos in California, Arizona and Washington state.

During the same period, NFWSC staff has quadrupled to more than 150 employees. Coupled with its programs and services, this represents a social investment of more than $175 million. 

Chavezís responsibilities include strategic and operational planning, budgeting, results management, and board and government relations. To manage the multifaceted and ambitious NFWSC agenda, Chavez also oversees the development and direction of top management and support personnel.

Before taking over NFWSC, Chavez worked with the United Farm Workers. His assignments included worker organizing, labor negotiations, managing the unionís direct marketing operation, serving as the UFWís political director and lobbyist in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., and serving as personal assistant to union founder Cesar Chavez.

Paul Chavez earned an associate degree in negotiations and collective bargaining from the Fred W. Ross Labor Education Center.

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